Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sexual Harassment and Wrongful Termination | Aileen Agustin v. Stanford University et al.

Trial Date: PENDING

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of California, Santa Clara County

Summary: Plaintiff Aileen Augustin was hired as Program Administrator in the Archaeology Department at Stanford University. Plaintiff tells a story of constant sexual harassment stemming from her supervisor Professor Ian Hodder. Defendant Hodder made remarks such as “you women talk too much” and “don’t be so emotional – women get too wrapped up in this.” Defendant complained to HR about harassment, as well as about Hodders’ affair with another employee in the department. The affair led to favoritism of Hodders’ partner at the expense of other employees including Plaintiff. Plaintiff’s complaints to HR led to retaliation and hostile work environment, causing emotional distress and a panic attack where Plaintiff was rushed to hospital. Upon returning from medical leave, Plaintiff was accused of misuse of the university credit card, and eventually terminated for alleged misconduct. Plaintiff was actually the one who brought misuse of the credit card to the attention of her superiors, and in addition she has receipts to prove she was in a different location than where the unapproved purchases were made.

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