Monday, 30 November 2009

Wrongful Termination | Tabitha Totah v. LucasFilms

Trial Date: PENDING

Jurisdiction: Superior Court of California, San Francisco County

Summary: Plaintiff Tabitha Totah, a female of Arab ancestry, was hired by Lucasfilm to be a temporary project employee, and was soon promoted to Marketing and Special Events Manager. Plaintiff’s job requirements included traveling around the world to supervise exhibitions of Star Wars memorabilia. Her superiors were Defendant Casey Collins, and later she would also report to Defendant Paul Southern. Immediately Totah noticed Collins offensive comments to some employees, such as “fag” and “bitch.” In addition to the negative environment in her office, on a business trip to Europe, a Portuguese contractor working for Lucasfilm constantly bragged about his sexual exploits which was extremely offensive. Totah complained to her superiors as her work environment being toxic. No corrective action took place. In preparation for another business trip, Supervisors Collins and Southern told Plaintiff they received information of her participating in inappropriate sexual relations with partners while in Europe, which was completely untrue. Plaintiff demanded to speak with HR, but was not allowed before leaving for her next trip. However, before leaving she called a fellow employee to verify if he had provided the false information to her superiors, he denied emphatically. When she returned from her trip, Plaintiff received a call from Defendant Collins stating she had been fired. The next business day she met with HR to inquire about her termination, and the given response was that it was the telephone call to her co-worker prior to her departure.

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  1. The company is called Lucasfilm, not Lucasfilms.