Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Engineer Awarded $500,000 in Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Age bias is one of the lesser-known forms of discrimination in the workplace.  A former engineer working for the Ohio Department of Natural Resources has won more than $500,000 in damages in an age bias lawsuit that he filed against the department.
According to the lawsuit, Richard W. Warden Vs Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the plaintiff accepted a two-year buyout and retirement in the mineral resources management division of the Department of Natural Resources back in 2006.  After that, he accepted three contracts to continue work with the division. 
However, in 2010, the mineral resources management division posted an ad for a full-time engineer, but when the plaintiff inquired about this vacancy he was informed that he was not likely to be chosen for the post because he was a retiree.  Ultimately, the position of the full-time engineer went to a 39-year-old person.  At the time of the appointment, the plaintiff was 54 years old.
Now, a court has found that the Department of Natural Resources’ decision to give a younger person the full-time job constituted age bias.
The court has however ruled that reinstatement of the plaintiff in the job is not appropriate, because the person who was hired has now been working on the job for 3 years.  However, Warren has been awarded a total of $507,700 in the damages.  That also includes more than $100,000 in back wages.
San Jose employment lawyers find that some industries are at an especially high risk of workplace discrimination against seniors, or even people who are in their 50s, who don't really qualify as seniors.  For example, the tech industry in California's Silicon Valley is notoriously famous for discriminating against older persons.  In fact, several tech companies including Google have found themselves the target of legal action for such age-related discrimination.